Time to Rebuild Brand Malawi!

Over the past year or so Malawi has not been projected internationally in very positive light. The warm heart has been mired in problems, shortages and intolerance of varying kinds and magnitudes. Just 16 days ago a group of men and women, one of them an expert in comparative constitutional law and a past recipient of the International Jurist Award, met in a series of illegal cabinet meetings in an effort to plunge the country into an even greater mess. They attempted to stage a constitutional coup. But alas the numbers just were not adding up, some members grew cold feet, betrayal set in and the plot fell apart faster than it was put together. Suddenly the nation saw glimer of light on the horizon. However the whole episode left Malawi with a battered image, a laughing stock!

Thebe Ikalafeng, a thought leader and branding expert, gave his opinion on how the authoroties handled, or rather withheld, the news of the death of President Mutharika so as to facilitate an illegal transfer of power to the deceased’s younger brother.

Nepotism, cronyism and downright executive arrogance was indeed taking this country down a road where the (constitutional) law was thrown out to the dogs, the new law was that prescribed from the political podium. Its time to mend this broken image. Its time to grow Malawi into a strong brand. Its tough work because perceptions are hard to change. It will take time but it must happen and be given the priority it deserves. Every Malawian has his and her work cut out, it’s not just a task for Joyce Banda and her government.

My prayer is that all the undesirable attributes Malawi became notoriously associated with over the past few months will be buried together with the late president Bingu wa Mutharika tomorrow never to rear it’s ugly head again on this peace loving nation. Malawi has systems and resources, lets use them to build a strong brand Malawi!

God Bless Malawi!

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