Speaking & Workshops

Austin Madinga speaking at a wealth creation summit

Speaking and Workshops

I have delivered talks, workshops and training on topics ranging from digital marketing and online branding to blogging and online safety to a cross-section of audiences. I have provided one-to-one training for communication and sales teams, content managers and social media managers to enable them to better manage their online platforms.

Nation Publications inaugural Tech Day workshop on the topic “Using Tech to Tell Better Stories”. Using various online tools we can tell better stories.

Workshop on Property Access to Digital Platforms at the Takulandirani - Malawi International Tourism Expo.

Training sessions for various institutions of the Catholic Church in Malawi on how to use online digital tools for evangelisation.

UNICEF Malawi Social Media workshop for youth and journalists

Digital Branding and Marketing workshop the Wealth Creation series organised by International Christian Assembly in Lilongwe.

Digital skills for entrepreneurs training for the What Will You Do With 20 Million Kwacha Challenge cohort.

Over the past weekend, I conducted a digital skills training for young entrepreneurs and school leavers. The aim was to empower them …

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