I have delivered talks, workshops and training on topics ranging from digital marketing and online branding to blogging and online safety to a cross-section of audiences. I have provided one-to-one training for communication and sales teams, content managers and social media managers to enable them to better manage their online platforms. 

Property Access to Digital Platforms

Austin Madinga at Takulandirani 2019

I presented a workshop on Property Access to Digital Platforms at 2019 #Takulandirani – Malawi Tourism International Tourism Expo #MITE2019. I looked at the rise of user-generated content and how tourism properties (and other players) can work with influencers and travel bloggers. I weighed in on the importance of owned platforms, specifically websites and email marketing platforms, and how to use them as an anchor for all online marketing efforts. Read more here.

Nation Publications Limited Tech Day

Nation Publications Tech Day

I presented two workshops at the inaugural Nation Publications Tech Days on the topic “Using Tech to Tell Better Stories”. Using various online tools, we can tell better stories through better collaboration and result in telling stories with a whole lot of context.

The topic theme was chosen because of the times we live in where journalists, and citizens alike, are in a rush to disseminate news but often without context. As such only a fraction of the story is usually told. Yet the internet and social media platforms provide a multitude of tools to tell better stories. These tools can be used to tell the backstory and provide a whole lot of context.

I gave an example was given of the NPL Mother’s Day SleepOver Challenge. The challenge generated a whole lot of content and positive word of mouth – social media posts, articles, pictures and video – that can be stitched together to provide an interesting and evergreen story timeline. If these stories are not stitched together, they live as independent pieces of a larger story scattered across various online platforms.

UNICEF Social Media Training

Austin Madinga presenting a blogging session

I presented an online safety session at a UNICEF social media workshop organised for youths and journalists interested in blogging and social media. The session covered common threats online and techniques used for hacking, phishing and social engineering among others.

I co-facilitated a practical blogging session with social media specialist Sandra Thier, Co-founder & Managing Director of diego5 studios.

Taking Your Brand Online

Austin Madinga speaking at a wealth creation summit

I presented two digital branding and marketing sessions for a Wealth Creation Forum series organised by International Christian Assembly in Lilongwe.

Both sessions took participants through the process of building a brand online, developing branding assets and how to work with a brand designer. The sessions also delved into digital marketing techniques, suitable online channels and how to measure engagement.

Digital Skills Training for Entrepreneurs

I took twenty semi-finalists selected for the What Will You Do With 20 Million Kwacha Challenge! through a digital skills for entrepreneurs training. I also facilitated a digital skills training for young entrepreneurs and school leavers. Both workshops were organised by mHub. They covered the use of online collaboration tools like Google Apps and equipped the participants with digital skills to enable them to put their businesses online, create meaningful content and effectively market their businesses.

Storytelling as Agents of Evangalisation

Since 1999 I have worked with various arms of the Catholic Church including Radio Maria Malawi, Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Luntha Television, Archdiocese of Lilongwe “Mpingo Ndife Tonse” Magazine and Mangochi Diocese. I have provided web design and development, hosting and content management services and have also helped their communication staff improve their digital and content management skills. 

Recently I conducted training to pastoral secretaries, communication secretaries and priests whose work is directly linked to communications. I also work with Carmelite Sisters in Malawi on their communication efforts.

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