Tourism Property Access for Digital Platforms

On Thursday 25th April 2019, I presented a workshop on Property Access to Digital Platforms at the #Takulandirani – Malawi International Tourism Expo #MITE2019. The Tourism Expo brings together players in the tourism industry in Malawi, the region and as far as Europe.

I talked about the rise of user-generated content in this digital age. With technology costs going down, customers are gaining more influence over brands online. Prospective customers are more likely to listen to and believe their friends than believe adverts from tourism brands. This is a great opportunity for tourism properties and other players to work with influencers and travel bloggers to promote their brands and services.

I also talked about the importance of owned platforms, specifically websites, blogs and email marketing platforms. About how properties should use them as the anchor for all their online (and offline) marketing efforts.

Austin Madinga at the Malawi International Tourism Expo Takulandirani

Takulandirani Workshop

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