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A showcase of the beauty and diversity of our lovely continent, Africa. And my occasional thoughts on Malawi’s travel and tourism industry.

Zomba cityscapes

Panoramic beauty on Zomba Plateau

Exploring the beauty and tranquillity of Zomba Plateau and the panoramic views of the lush pine forest and the Zomba cityscapes

joma adventure lodge in leopards bay, lifuwu village, salima, malawi

Joma Adventure Lodge: Your Lake Malawi Escape

Joma Adventure Lodge, an eight-roomed property in Leopard Bay in Salima on the shores of Lake Malawi, promises its guests rest and serenity.

the serenity of lake malawi from nkhudzi hill

Soaking up the serenity of Lake Malawi

A reminder to once in a while to take a break and experience the crystal-clear waters, stunning landscapes and captivating sunsets on Lake Malawi, the Lake of Stars.

Tourism minister with a VR headset at Malawi Tourism expo Takulandirani

AI and tech in Malawi tourism

Players in the Malawi tourism industry need to embrace technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their operations and marketing.

Takulandirani 2023 Chingalire Village

Takulandirani Tourism Expo 2023

A look at the 2023 edition of Takulandirani, the Malawi International Tourism Expo, and the growth prospects in the tourism sector.

tourism minister vera kamtukule public lecture

The value of tourism to Malawi

A public lecture by Tourism Minister Vera Kamtukule on how to raise national consciousness on the value of tourism to Malawi.

Malawi tourism 2022 in year in review

Malawi tourism 2022 at a glance

A review of events, developments and setbacks that have shaped the Malawi tourism and travel sector in the year 2022

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