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Austin Madinga malawi blogger and digital creator

Welcome to Austin Madinga’s #LifeUnbound blog!

I am a travel blogger, visual storyteller and digital communications consultant from Malawi, the land of the lake of stars. I write primarily about the beauty and awesomeness of Malawi, the African continent and her diverse people. My aim is to give readers a glimpse of this part of the world and encourage others to explore it.

I document and tell stories through photography. I have a love for nature’s stillness, sounds of wildlife and hues of creation. The magnificent African sunrises and sunsets, the taste of fresh fruit and fish.

I have presented talks and workshops on digital marketing including at the Takulandirani! Malawi International Tourism Expo and other events. I have been a Unicef Malawi guest blogger for International Day of the Girl and also participated in a mHub blog collaboration on International Youth Day.  I occasionally blog about the entrepreneurial and tech ecosystem in Malawi.

Austin Madinga Malawi digital creator

As an avid traveller and explorer, I founded Utale Outdoor, a vehicle through which I aim to curate exciting experiences in Malawi and the SADC region. I develop content that showcases the warmth, beauty and diversity of our lovely country Malawi, the African continent and her diverse people.

I also design and develop communication solutions for businesses that want to tell their brand stories. Through Project4 Digital Design, I have successfully delivered brand communication, digital marketing and content solutions and managed communications projects for clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors in Malawi and beyond.

Prior to setting up Project4, I managed a content development programme at Malawi Economic Justice Network where I generated film ideas, translated documentaries and distributed content from Television for the Environment’s partners in Africa.

Meeting the Carnivore Research Malawi team over coffee

How you can work with me

I am interested in working on immersive storytelling projects that expand the African narrative around tourism, travel, local conservation efforts and the continent’s people and culture.

I would also love partnering and collaborating with tourism brands and players, conservation and environmental initiatives, bloggers, photographers and content creators on storytelling and content development projects in Malawi and the southern Africa region.

My main areas of interest are

  • Destination marketing
  • Writing, photography and content development
  • Digital communications development

A portfolio of projects I have worked on is available on my Project4 website and on Behance.

If you would like to work, partner or collaborate with me on a storytelling or content development project, or you simply want to share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you!

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