About Austin Madinga


Hi there!

I am Austin, an adventurer, blogger and marketer.

I own Utale Outdoor, a new travel company providing adventure and recreational travel in my beautiful country of Malawi and the Southern Africa region. I curate travel experiences that showcase the warmth, beauty and diversity of our lovely continent and its people.

I am an avid traveler and adventurer. I so very easily fall in love with the stillness of nature, the sound of wildlife and the colours of nature. The magnificent sunrises and sunsets, the taste of fresh fruit and fish.

I am a blogger and storyteller. I blog on Austin Madinga’s Life Unbound about the beauty and awesomeness of my country (the land of the lake of stars), the African continent and her diverse people. I document the continent’s people and their cultures, landscape, architecture and art among others through words and pictures.

I spent my early career helping brands engage and connect better with relevant audiences by successfully delivering branding, online and content solutions. I also occasionally present digital marketing related trainings and workshops.

I am an alumni of the 2018 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme.

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If you have any questions on my stories, would like to collaborate on a creative project or would simply want to say hello, I would love to hear from you!