Food, music and drink on Malawi Night

Nsima, Chambo, Beans and veggies on Malawi Night

Nsima, Chambo, Beans and veggies

Am one person who would love to see tourism take root in Malawi sometime soon. There has been a lot of talk but not much action, all thing considering that the World Cup is just 4 years away in South Africa. What an opportunity to have teams camp here and acclimatise themselves before heading down for the finals.

There was recently an issue in the media about airfields to crucial tourist areas that are in poor condition. Then there is that road to Mangochi which had certain sections of tar removed almost seven years ago. Then there is Chileka Airport…

Anyway, I am glad that Shire Highlands Hotel has taken a step to promote Malawian culture. They have organised a Malawi Night where local and locally produced food, music and beer shall be served. It should give a chance to resident non-locals to experience some therere likupa, nsima and the like. Bravo Shire Highlands!!

Image credit: Geoff Gallice

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  1. Soyapi says:

    The other day I and some friends of mine were telling a Lilongwe based hotel staff that they should promote things like thobwa.

    So I was glad when I saw that ad about Malawi night.

    That’s the only chance us bachelors to taste those rare Malawian dishes!

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