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Thoughts and insights on the Malawi technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Woman works in a small shop.

The thing with self-employment

Self-employment is great. But it demands more than just being passionate about your product. Jump in with caution, it can be a rocky ride!

asking better questions

Asking designers better questions

As a designer, I get asked a lot of questions by clients before they engage me for web design projects. The most common questions are “How much does it cost to design a website?” or “How much does a standard...

Asana structure

A deeper look at Asana

A deeper look at how Asana can be used as a tool to replace physical meetings. Or at least make them better

death by meetings

Death by meetings

Let’s talk about meetings. If you’re Malawian, you know. We love to suck the life out of people because of our love of meetings.

Rethinking Jobs

The Malawi formal job market is not the same as it was two or more decades ago. There are less formal jobs to go around to an ever-growing population. A job advert in the local press is bound to get...

Tony Elumelu TEF2018

Tony Elumelu Foundation: Democratising Luck

Last week the Tony Elumelu Foundation held it’s 2018 TEF Entrepreneurs Forum. The event brought together entrepreneurs and alumni of its entrepreneurship programme as well as hundreds of other people from across the continent and beyond. The forum was also...

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