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mHub hosts Lilongwe Sparks

Today mHub hosted the first-ever city spark for Sahara Sparks, East Africa’s largest Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship event. Lilongwe Sparks event was opened by the CEO of Sahara Ventures Jumanne Mtambalike, who are the organisers of Sahara Sparks, who gave a...

Skill your teenager over the holidays

Schools will start closing at the end of the week for the long summer break and most of us will have our teenagers back home with nothing to do but check their phones every 30 seconds and binge watch the...

Richard Msowoya, Lazarus Chakwera and Sidik Mia

Challenge the system like Sidik Mia

If you are anything like me then you will already have had enough of all the political manoeuvring and posturing in the past three weeks of this new year. The thought that we have another 15 months or so of...

Women selling groundnuts in Salima

Malawi Startup Finance: The Missing Beginning

alawi needs to build enterprises owned by indigenous Malawians with finance from indigenous Malawians. Because mere bootstrapping will fail at this quest.

self employment is the new default

Self Employment: The New Default?

If you ask my mom, I am unemployed. A former civil servant and HR practitioner, she does not subscribe to the idea that you can make a living home working.

The internet, the new Aeropagus

The internet is the new Aeropagus

If you had a choice to reach out to new converts by building a new church or using the internet, which would you choose?

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