Category: Environment

A look at Malawi’s efforts to tackle degradation and pollution of the environment. Expect an occasional rant… or two!

Lake Malawi, the lake of stars

Nature for Water

We have every reason to ensure our beautiful Lake Malawi is kept clean and bustling with life. It provides food, livelihoods, drinking water and power for millions. It is also one of our major tourism attractions.

Use chiefs to save the environment

The past few days have seen floods hitting areas in northern and central Malawi. People have been displaced and property damaged in Rumphi, Nkhata Bay and Lilongwe districts.

Save that drop: Malawi’s water woes

Like most countries in the Southern Africa region, Malawi has faced severe water stress in the past few years owing to low rainfall during the period. This has affected the generation of electricity as well as agricultural productivity. And water...

Thoughtless discarding of litter

Litter, litter, litter…

I am not one to chuck out an empty juice bottle or plastic bags from my car window but I have not always been like that. It was in the 90’s when my brother-in-law reprimanded me for throwing out an...

Litter bugs

Litter bugs

Street pole advertising seems to have taken root with almost every electricity pole decorated with some form of marketing message or the other. Over the past week I passed two work men and their supervisor replacing MTL boards with new...

New year, Same old power problems

New year, Same old power problems

Last Tuesday many residents of Area 49 in Lilongwe and other townships rushed home to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the US of A. But it was all cut short when they faced an electricity blackout....