Malawi Tourism Map Illustration Project

Malawi Tourism Map Illustration: A personal project.

Many years ago I found a map framed and fixed onto a veranda wall of the house we were living in. A bit of the glass had broken and about a third of the map had been damaged. Over the years the rest of the glass broke off and the whole map was lost.

Old Malawi Map

The map provided illustrations of wildlife, vegetation and activities in the different parts of Nyasaland Protectorate, now Malawi.

I thought of trying to remake this tourism map, to a certain extent, because it would be near impossible to find an exact replica. I needed something my kids could read and gain knowledge from about their country. So with the help of travel,  Google Maps and Wikipedia, I started putting my map together. I soon realised I didn’t have the time and energy to make anything close to a near replica. I replaced the illustrations with narratives of places of interest.

Below are some snapshots of the project.

piecing together the malawi map

After a few days of work, I printed the map out and stuck it all together.

piecing together the Malawi map

The text was too large! Things were getting in each other’s way. So I got back to work and it dragged over a few months. I had to make way for projects that will actually put food on the table.


After a few weeks, I got back to the Malawi tourism map project.

Malawi Tourism Map

Likoma Chizumulu Island exclaves

Likoma and Chizumulu Islands are Malawian exclaves located in Mozambican waters.

Malawi Central Region

Malawi Map Project

Between Dedza and Ntcheu, the main M1 road forms the boundary between Malawi and Mozambique. The views into Mozambique can be breathtaking.

Nsanje, southern Malawi

Nsanje district, and most of the lower Shire, is the hottest place in Malawi where temperatures can exceed 49°C.

Southern region Malawi

Blantyre district and its environs have a wealth of tourist attractions including the Majete Game Reserve and the Mulanje Massif.

Malawi Tourism Map key

Do note, this map is not to scale.

More updates soon!

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