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Mwala wa Mphini in Mangochi

Can shorter work weeks encourage domestic tourism?

To spur domestic tourism, we should consider pushing national holidays to weekends to create shorter work weeks and long weekends to enable families to travel more.

Ntchisi dusty roads

On Ntchisi’s back roads

It was a day before Malawi went to the polls to elect a new president, parliament and local councils. My wife had arranged a quick trip into Ntchisi and she needed company. I think she later thanked me for tagging...

British Council mHub Roundtable

Tech and Social Entrepreneurship in Malawi

I attended a round table discussion on Tech and Social Entrepreneurship in Malawi organised by British Council and mHub.

Kachebere Major Seminary

Grandeur on the border: Kachebere Major Seminary

Sitting at the foot of Kalulu hills on the Malawi – Zambia border district of Mchinji is Kachebere Major Seminary, a Roman Catholic philosophical training college.

WE have the Power!

Today we celebrate that Malawi gained her independence 54 years ago from the British colonialists. Strides have been made but is there really that much to celebrate? Not wanting to pour cold water over the gains that we have made...

Lake Malawi, the lake of stars

Nature for Water

We have every reason to ensure our beautiful Lake Malawi is kept clean and bustling with life. It provides food, livelihoods, drinking water and power for millions. It is also one of our major tourist attractions.

Women selling groundnuts in Salima

Malawi Startup Finance: The Missing Beginning

alawi needs to build enterprises owned by indigenous Malawians with finance from indigenous Malawians. Because mere bootstrapping will fail at this quest.

self employment is the new default

Self Employment: The New Default?

If you ask my mom, I am unemployed. A former civil servant and HR practitioner, she does not subscribe to the idea that you can make a living home working.

Save that drop: Malawi’s water woes

Like most countries in the Southern Africa region, Malawi has faced severe water stress in the past few years owing to low rainfall during the period. This has affected the generation of electricity as well as agricultural productivity.

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