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An archive collection of my early blog posts on Austin Madinga’s Big Mouth between 2005 and 2012. Warning: Many rants ahead!

African leaders, you are also human!

African leaders, you are also human!

Death has today taken the life of another African leader, the sixth in 36 months. While the illness of Guinea-Bissau’s President Malam Bacai Sanha seemed to have been in the public domain and as was that of Ghana’s President John...

Client experiences

Over a week ago I decided to jot down my experiences with clients of my web and graphic design business. I had just received an 11th hour request to complete a project in an impossible time frame.

Joyce Banda, President of the Republic of Malawi

DPP on Joyce Banda’s 100 days

I am not one to listen to much radio but today was an exception. I happened to listen to three different interviews on three different radio stations with three different politicians but all from one political party, the Democratic Progressive...

Time to Rebuild Brand Malawi!

Over the past year or so Malawi has not been projected internationally in very positive light. The warm heart has been mired in problems, shortages and intolerance of varying kinds and magnitudes. Just 16 days ago a group of men...

RIP Mutharika, Congratulations JB!

Condolences to the Mutharika family and friends on the loss of their father and friend, Bingu wa Mutharika. May his soul rest in eternal peace. Congratulations to Joyce Banda on her ascendancy to the high office of the land. We...

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at people who try a bit too hard to be cleverer than everyone else. Here is a case of a certain politician giving an interview to a certain news channel concerning the arrest of...

Bakili Muluzi

Muluzi and the Malawian presidency

I read a Twitter post recently that suggested the African presidency has become such a lucrative business that incumbent presidents all over the continent are busy ensuring they are succeeded by their wives, brothers, sons or any kind of close...

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