Death on the Beach

I love the leisurely strolls on the beaches of Lake Malawi, the Lake of Stars. The spectacular beautiful sunrises, endless clear blue water and scenes of fishermen out in the deep. The sounds of lapping waves and calls of the fish eagles. The cool south-westerly breezes and the smell.

But the beach also reveals the cruelty of death.

Death on the beach!

This crab met a pointed end

This crab met a pointed end


fish washed up dead on the beach together with shells

Washed up with shells and leaves


dead crab eaten by ants

One animal’s misfortune in another one’s source of life


 crab lies dead on the beach

crushed to death


cichlids left on the beach

cichlids left on the beach

crab claw

A lone crab claw on the sandy shore


a wooden canoe left to rot

Left to rot


an abandoned canoe buried in sand on thee beach

Sandy grave


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