Minister warns web developers, ISP’s

There is an article in the Nation newspaper today suggesting that government wants to censor the internet in Malawi although government has denied it.

The article goes on further to say forums like Nyasanet, Malawi Talk and Nyasa Times are the main target of this censorship and that Govt wants to send specialists for training to implement the censorship. Information minister has denied all this but went on to caution web developers and internet service providers to watch what they publish.

Could someone kindly inform the honourable information minster that web developers and ISPs are not responsible for a website’s content.

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3 Responses

  1. developer says:

    Thought censorship was prevalent only in china !

  2. i guess they (the Chinese) need to be told that they are setting a bad example

  3. Soyapi says:

    and last time I checked, a website is governed by the law in the country where the site is hosted.

    The examples given are not hosted in Malawi.

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