Kamuzu Academy Sports Day and Awards

A photo story of Kamuzu Academy Sports Day and Academic Awards Presentation 2022. Held in the third term every year, the academy awarded top sports and academic performers.

Kamuzu Academy is a private boarding school in Malawi that was founded by, and named after the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the former President of Malawi. It is described by its proponents as “The Eton of Africa”.

Sports Awards

Kamuzu Academy sports ground

The school is known for its academic excellence as well as its strong sports program. Sports at Kamuzu Academy include athletics, basketball, football, hockey, netball, rugby and swimming. The school has excellent facilities for these sports, including a running track, basketball and netball courts, a football field, a hockey field and a swimming pool.

Sports teacher reading out the final sports scores
Students sit together in houses after the events waiting to receive individual and house sports awards.

Academic Awards

Awardees walking up to receive their awards

The individual academic award presentation takes place later in the day. Dressed in their formal green and gold uniforms, students walk up to receive their awards.

Students receiving awards from Kamuzu Cademy deputy headmaster and guest of honour, University of Malawi vice chancellor

Guest of honour, Prof Samson Sajidu, vice chancellor of the University of Malawi and former Kamuzu Academy student, presents the awards to the best-performing students.

Kamuzu Academy follows the British National Curriculum, and students sit for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations in their fifth year of study. In their seventh (upper six) and final year, students take the Advanced Level examinations, which are also set by Cambridge.

Students and parents walking out of the Kamuzu Academy awards ceremony

After the academic award ceremony, students and parents leave the hall.

The Academy

The academy's main administration block

The Malawi flag on top of the Kamuzu Academy administration building

The stream flowing into the ornamental lake

A big ornamental lake welcomes visitors in front of the Kamuzu Academy administration building.

THe evening sun shining onthe ornamental lake

Kamuzu Academy is located in the central region of Malawi in a town called Mtunthama, Kasungu district. The school is located next to the Kachere Tree under which the late Dr Kamuzu Banda was taught. The academy sits on a 1,200-hectare estate and has a clinic, a chapel, a private primary school and a clubhouse including a golf course.

Kamuzu Academy main building in front of the ornamental lake

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