Digital Skills Training for Entrepreneurs

Over the past weekend I conducted a digital skills training to young entrepreneurs and school leavers. The aim was to empower them with digital skills and online tools to help them put their businesses online, create meaningful content and understand social media.

Desirable tech skills

I touched on desirable tech skills required of any entrepreneur. One of the more important ones is the ability to effectively communicate on online specifically on social media. Communication in this case is not just words but the ability to use pictures, audio and video to get your message across.

The other is the ability to use online collaborative and productivity software like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 360 and Asana to name a few. With the world gone mobile, it makes no sense to be tied to your desktop to be productive.

Online tools

The internet has got a multitude of tools that entrepreneurs can use to build and market their businesses. Web services like Shopify are an example of platforms that people wishing to sell artifacts, clothing or locally produced goods online can use with very little effort and cost.

Youtube provides an excellent opportunity to not only communicate your message but to showcase your products too. Being the second largest search engine after Google, it’s not a bad place to invest your marketing effort in.

Email marketing is also an area that seems to be largely ignored. Yet it provides the best way to see who your customers are, what they are interested in and enables more meaningful engagements with them.

The training also touched on social media and social media management tools and ways to build online content.

Should you be interested in digital skills training please get in touch!