Austin Madinga Posts

Auction Holdings Limited was established in 1936 as an operator of tobacco warehousing and selling floors. Over the years the company has evolved to a diversified investment portfolio with subsidiary companies in agricultural commodity trading, farm input and equipment trading, and chemical and steel manufacturing among others. Read more AHL Group

Tilitonse Fund is a multi–donor pooled grant making facility based in Lilongwe. Over the past few years I have developed web platforms, including their website, and provided web management services for the organisation. Read more Tilitonse Fund

Brand identity and website design project for MaxiChange360 Degrees, consultants in business and life coaching, legal anthropology and gender justice. Read more MaxiChange360 Degrees

Baobab Health Trust is a technology non-profit based in Lilongwe, Malawi that is revolutionising the use of technology in developing-world’s health care environments. Read more Baobab Health Trust

Last Friday (April 17), mHub held it’s second Technology Fest in Blantyre. We had a great turn out with lots of brilliant and enthusiastic young techies, the director for African Initiatives at Global Entrepreneurship Network, Nick Vilelle and representatives from local banks and tech organisations. Read more mHub Blantyre Tech Fest

Brand identity for AHL Commodities Exchange Limited (AHCX), a subsidiary company of Auction Holdings Limited.  AHCX is a new company and was established to provide a marketing and trading platform for various agriculture commodities. Read more AHL Commodities Exchange

I developed and supported a container management system for Bridge Shipping Company in Kanengo, Lilongwe. The system managed inbound and outbound freight containers as well as tracking maintenance works and cleaning. Read more Container Management System