The world spun around the sun again

So, the world spun around the sun yet again. And my year seems to have started uncannily similar to all other years – somehow caught in the thick of thin things. Add to that, I have caught an infection. Not serious but annoyingly painful nonetheless. Now wifey, though hundreds of kilometres away, has issued strict instructions for me to take it easy and not to go anywhere near my computer. Aaargh!

I guess the perfect time to shoot off the first blog post for the new-ish year.

I don’t do new years’ resolutions very well. But I do have had this tendency of making ambitious statements of things that I am going to change in my life or new ideas I am going to implement (yup, resolutions in disguise). Yet almost always I seem to notoriously lose focus and implementation of these ‘cool’ ideas skid off the tracks in no time. Of course, there is always something or someone to take the blame for not getting things done – distractions, procrastination, lack of resources,… You get the gist!

Though I have this terrible weakness I do intend to give my all this year to a project that I have not got around to implementing fully. Sometime early in 2019, I wrote this on LinkedIn.

11 months on and I haven’t really worked on any project in those areas of interest. It wasn’t for lack of trying. I probably didn’t purposely and persistently seek out meaningful collaborations.

So here we go. There is my simple, recycled and ambitious project for 2020. To more travel, meaningful collaborations and interesting stories from our lovely continent and her people!

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