What a start

Happy New Years to all you folks out there. It has definitely been an eventful one for me. We are in a new house and have all new staff in our household. I have also come into the new year with a load of brilliant ideas!!!

Last week I had to baby sit my 2 year and 4 month old boys! Boy oh boy, I thought housewives have it easy – give the kids a bath, feed them, send them out to play. Then they pour themselves a glass of Gin & Tonic before relaxing in front of the TV watching Oprah and Jerry Springer. I got it all wrong!

I had them all over me all day. The 2 year old toddler is hyper active and relatively loud. The younger chap is a very light sleeper. Very bad combination.

By midday, I remembered a prayer that my mother had hang on her kitchen wall – “Grant me patience Lord, BUT HURRY!!”

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