What a pungent stench

Yesterday I was running a few errands in Old Town, Area 12 and Area 18. I had an empty crate of bottles in my boot and hoped to buy some drinks after over week being off beer – antibiotics and lots of work were the culprits.

I contemplated getting my drinks from Area 12 PTC but though otherwise. On my way to Area 18, I though of buying them from Area 18 BP service station but the place can get hairy with parking. I considered going all the way down to Shoprite or PTC Hyperstore but remembered there was a PTC along Kamuzu Procession Road, so I stopped there. Big mistake!

As I walked into the shop, this stench knocked me over, in the real sense. I tried to figure out what it was and concluded it must have been some dairy product must have gone bad and spilled on the floor and was most probably under one of the fridges. To add to that, the shop was hot! And to my surprise the staff were going about their job normally.

It is interesting that almost every PTC you walk into has a problem with ventilation and it turn always smell. Chemusa PTC in Blantyre has not air inlet apart from the small access door which is partially blocked by fridge. When that shop is not smelling, it is hot as hell. Then take Nando’s PTC also in Blantyre. they used to or still stock fresh fish. I don’t need to elaborate what that can produce at times. PTC Hyperstore in Old Town has it’s days too even though it tends to be better ventilated than the others.

What surprises me is that other shops like Iponga, Peacock and Shoprite don’t smell. What is so special about PTC?? Time for a reality check!!

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