Last month I traveled to my mothers village in Ntcheu for a funeral. The last time I had been there was sometime in June or July 1984.Β  I vividly remember my mother chasing rats in the middle of the night for fear they would chew her beloved children, my twin sister and I.

Well as usual at funerals, there were a host of characters and my mother was doing what she does best – introducing me to everyone around. After my mother got tired and went to rest, a young chap, a bit younger than me, approached me and asked that question I hate, Umandidziwa (do you know me)?
I thought I would be nice so I said ‘no but your face is familiar’.
‘Familiar from where?’ he asked.

Dude, lets cut the chit-chat and get this over with!! I have met thousands of people in my life and you ask me where your face is familiar from? Well, check this out. You look like the folks that jumped off the flying saucer in the film Aliens!!

Anyway, it turned out he was my second cousin.

I’ve learnt my lesson, anyone I don’t recall will have to get the rude answer of ‘I don’t know you

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