Time to reclaim my bookshelf

As a young boy I was good with mathematics and my twin was good with English. My mother encouraged me to impart some of my number skills to my sister but since practically it is difficult to impart English skills from one to another, I was encouraged to read novels much to my disliking. If I obliged and read as much as my mother had wanted me too I would have no time for magalimoto amwaya (wire cars) and the almost daily treks up Nyambadwe hill. So each time I was told to read a novel and tell my mother the story after a few days, I would turn to my twin (who would have read it before), ask her what the story is about and tell my mother. I would then do my sister a few favours and everything would be cool. Well this was until mommy discovered our little evil scheme!

Today I take great joy in reading if and when work does not get in the way. And I am about to engross myself into novels even more with the discovery of Grey Matter, a relatively cheap and well stocked bookshop in town. They have a great collection of novels, professional books and children’s literature. I went in today and got myself a copy of Richard Branson’s Screw It, Lets Do It. And there were many other titles from Stephen King, Jeffery Archer and other well known and upcoming African writers. A good collection of autobiographies of Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Jack Welch, etc. And all at unbelievable bargains.

My immediate worry is where I will keep this new anticipated collection. I ‘loaned’ a bookshelf to my young boys to put their books, toys and other junk. I even painted it bright red! Time to get some paint stripper, a brush and some white gloss and paint it. I need to reclaim that bookshelf of mine.

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