This alien language

I never cease to be amazed by quality of English you sometimes find in the local press. Over the years I have seen crush being used instead of crash (the car crushed into the wall), have seen jealousy being used instead of jealous (He said the woman was just jealousy of him) and other such injustices to this alien language. More recently I read that a popular singers nun had flown in to pick up a little orphaned girl. I was like ‘Huh, she even has a nun?’ only to realise the scribe was talking about a maid or nanny.

Makes me wonder that the editors are up to.

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2 Responses

  1. Acacia says:

    today i read in the nation about an 'accidental meeting', referring to a car accident!!! love it. the flipside of the inaccuracies is a very creative use of language!

  2. LOL. Were the cars by any chance 'over speeding'?

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