The cost of fakes

I have been procrastinating about getting a duplicate key made because I had no desire to get stuck in the traffic going across the Lilongwe bridge. But when puss came to shove I dragged myself for the journey.

My first stop was at a hardware shop next to the police mobile force. I walked in and all the ‘shop attendants’ all seemed busy with nothing. After capturing their attention and showing them the key I wanted duplicated they said they don’t duplicate those kinds of keys. I couldn’t be bothered to ask why seeing the lackluster attention (or inattention) I got. I proceeded down the road to Lambat’s. Oh, what a difference. The owner greeted me from quite far off, took my key and said it was a fake Chinese key and they don’t do duplicates for those. Despite it being written UNION he spotted the fake. He explained that any credible key cutter in town will not or can’t duplicate these fakes.

I started my tiring journey back across the bridge in the heat and dust of the afternoon. I burnt fuel which I hear is running low at most of Lilongwe’s pumps. I wasted my time and effort but at least came out of the whole experience a little smarter: these Chinese fakes cost a lot more that you initially think!

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