Symptoms of insanity

There is a saying that when you see a person carrying pot and pans around a village, that person is on the verge of going mad. And there is no better way to explain the former presidents behaviour other than that of a man on the verge.

He has been carrying around iron sheets, bags of cement, buckets, bars of soap, you name it to his public rallies. The aim? To tell the people that commodity prices have gone through the roof during Bingu’s reign unlike under his corrupt rule! Well, ministry of commerce has published figures and statics to show that his understanding of economics is very shallow.

But what has really made me laugh was his pronouncement in the lake district of Mangochi that the district does not need the maize silo’s government has just built because they are a fishing community. Now I have not heard such a feeble argument in a long time. But it does not surprise me at all. After all it was under his rule that people starved after government sold of strategic grain reserves to Kenya when there were clear indications of poor rainfall that year.

Symptoms of insanity couldn’t be more clearer!!

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