Survived the Uganda Boba boda mayhem

Sometime last week I found myself in Kampala, Uganda with a couple of other people from Southern Africa and two from East Africa. Our flight arrived after 8pm so I thought the one hour drive from Entebbe to Kampala would be a hectic- and traffic- free one. Wrong! The roads of Kampala were busy and the driving scary. Drivers plied the roads with lights on full beam and overtaking was the norm even if another car was approaching from the opposite direction. Then there were the Boda-bodas, taxi motorcycles that drove anywhere there was space – on the left, on the right (I am more than sure I saw one going under our bus! Joke).

Our driver didn’t give way at the round about but neither did the others. On a number of occasions one poor lady from Lesotho who was sitting at the rear of the minibus let out little screams after a couple of other cars nearly bumped into us.

Despite pleading with the driver, he paid no attention. He kept on chatting with his front seat passenger. In the midst of all this, our colleague from Kenya kept looking towards us asking what our problem was. “I see nothing wrong with this driving, Nairobi is actually worse”. The Tanzanian chap didn’t look the least bit bothered either.

Our Mozambican colleague summed it all up by saying “I think I should appreciate Mozambican driving more”.

I think I should appreciate Malawian drivers more myself after that experience.

All the same, I loved Uganda!

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