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I have just been listening to a radio advert for one of the telecoms operators. In the ad a young man is writing to his uncle in Australia telling him just how cheap it is to make an international call to him.

I was left rather baffled by it all. Is it REALLY necessary for him to tell his uncle about calling rates? Are there no better things to tell his uncle like the current fuel shortage? And anyhow if the rates are so cheap why not just make the darn call and tell him all about the rates?

One thing I know is that if any of my nephews or nieces called me up to tell me how cheap international calls were on Vodacom or whatever other network my response would be โ€œwasowa nkhani zonena, eti?โ€

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2 Responses

  1. I've also listened to the advert a number of times. And each time I do, I've the same question, if it's cheap why not call? The letter (not even an e-mail, by the way) will take forever to get there. The ad would make more sense if the person was calling to enthuse about the rates. Definitely not writing.

  2. listened to the chichewa one, made me cringe with pain!

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