Since MP’s ‘think’ like their leaders…

Oops, sorry. Members of Parliament don’t think, at least the majority don’t. They are dictated to by their leaders. They have to tow the line of the leader.

So if this is the case, why does MCP have to have some 50+ MP’s if they are all going to be dictated to by John Tembo. Why not have John Tembo represent the whole MCP and save costs on the 50 others.

If all UDF MP’s are going to think like Bakili Muluzi, why have all 40+ MP’s when Gorge Mtafu can adequately do the job in addition to spewing all the profanity he can.

Why have over 70 MP’s representing the DPP when they all think like Bingu. Let Henry Chimuthu Banda represent the whole DPP then we save on paying others.

Hey, if only three peoples views are advanced and ‘discussed’ in parliament and not the 12 million Malawians views why have parliament in the first place???

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