“We gave Austin Madinga a tough task of transforming our ideas into creative designs for the Election Situation Room (ESR) Southern Africa project. Austin did exceedingly well to design all the materials we needed over the nine month project period. He was able to design flyers, banners, handouts, T-shirts and all materials we wanted to use. He was responsive, punctual, and patient throughout the entire process. It was a pleasure to work with him.”
Vincent Kumwenda
mHub CEO
"Austin is a very thorough and down-to-detail brand identity designer. He is very skillful in graphically interpreting client’s branding requirements and aspirations. He successfully completed two logo design projects for AHL Group Ltd and one of its subsidiary companies, AHL Commodities Exchange Limited (AHCX). As someone who led the projects, I am extremely happy that I worked with Austin Madinga because the final products were terrific."
Peter P Mkali
General Manager at IC-Tech Africa Limited

Austin Madinga has over the past 20 years acquired strong marketing, tech and digital content creation skills. He has helped connect brands to relevant audiences by successfully delivering branding, online and content solutions across multiple platforms and formats.

A portfolio of some of his branding, design and online work is available here.

Austin Madinga speaking at a wealth creation summit

Austin has designed new brand identities, websites and other creative assets for clients including Malawi Telecommunications Limited, AHL Group, Local Development Fund, Ufulu Gardens Suite Hotel, Roads Authority, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Baobab Health Trust, Tilitonse Fund and Election Situation Room (ESR) Southern Africa among others.

Austin has presented masterclasses on digital marketing, online branding and blogging to different audiences.

Austin co-facilitated a practical blogging session at a UNICEF Social Media workshop with social media specialist Sandra Thier, Co-founder & Managing Director of diego5 studios.

Austin has presented at a Nation Publications Sales Conference, International Christian Assembly Wealth Creation summit and to an Episcopal Conference of Malawi communications workshop for pastoral secretaries, communication secretaries and Catholic media houses.

For more information on masterclasses and training here.

If you would like help on your next online or creative project, get in touch with Austin here.

"I engaged Austin as a Consultant to manage the online/digital presence for my coaching practice that entailed development of a website and newsletter designing among many other things. From the outset, he exhibited high standards of professionalism, generated high-value solutions and walked me through the so many complex areas regarding digital information and management that I wasn’t familiar with. He consistently followed through his project commitments and delivered it in time with no hiccups at all. He remains my steady and solid ‘go to person’ on all ICT related issues concerning my business!"
Tamala Chirwa
Founder & CEO at Women’s Leadership Footprint
"Austin is an innovative Branding Consultant who converted the concept behind Sapelle into an outstanding brand identity. Very pleased with his work!"
Daphne kasambala
Director at Sapellé
"It was a pleasure for us to work with Mr. Madinga who proved to be very client orientated, integrating our numerous requests for changes and suggestions in a creative manner into our website. Not only did he handle himself perfectly in the development process, he was also even more supportive during the launch of the same."
Dr. Dieter Koecher
Health Sector Coordinator at Malawi - German Technical Co-operation