Reinvent aChimpeni

A long time ago there used to be this radio advert from the veterinary division warning people that aChimpeni would be in a particular area shooting stray dogs. It advised people to always keep dogs on a chain or in an enclosure. It went further to warn people that aChimpeni would blow his whistle twice (adzayimba pinto kawiri asanawombere) before shooting just in case he caught someones leg instead of the dogs neck. Well a decade or more has passed since I heard that advert. I can also safely assume the same period of time has elapsed since any dogs were shot because these creatures seem to be a nuisance now more than ever before especially in Lilongwe. And for you to witness this first hand, just drive through Area 15 and see for yourself.

They are everywhere in large numbers too. They will either be a large group following a female dog. Or they will be fighting and chasing each other. The other day I found one taking a crap right in the middle of the road!! How cheeky!! He was bloody lucky my car does not have a bullbar, I would have knocked some sense into him.

But honestly, these dogs are a menace to society. They pose a threat to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. They need to be retrained and the only person I feel can do that is our beloved Mr. Chipeni and his greener (maybe an Ak-47 would be more efficient in this day and age)!!

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