Politicians without Issues

I was neither shocked nor surprised when I read in the papers that JZU Tembo had lashed out at President Bingu wa Mutharika saying he (Bingu) was trying to copy Late Kamuzu Banda’s style of leadership. Tembo told a rural rally that Bingu can not be like Kamuzu because amongst other things Kamuzu never kept a beard like Bingu’s!! Such irrelevant outbursts remind me of a time during the 1999 election campaign when one Gwanda Chakuamba told a rally that people should not re-elect then President Bakili Muluzi because he had a mole on his face!! We all remember Bakili’s outbursts towards presidential aspirant Justine Malewezi’s health. We remember a group of UDF women, including one Joyce Banda, dressing down parliamentary aspirant Anna Kachiko (then now sit in the same cabinet)! Remember the mudslinging in parliament between Loveness Gondwe and Patricia Kaliati! Remember Dr Ntafu referring to his fellow parliamentarians as dogs!

Are these the issues which people want to hear about, really?

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