Politicians, licence fees and Macra

There has been general discontent in the ICT industry about high fees that the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) charge. In yesterdays Nation newspaper, I read an article to the effect that MIJ Radio was asking Macra to reduce radio license fees as the high fees make it difficult for radio stations to operate.

MIJ got an immediate response from the information minister. The minister said that Macra can’t reduce the fees because the radios are being used by politicians and not advocating development. The minister warned that if the trend (of politicians using the radios) continues, Macra may even increase the fees!!

I beg to ask, what the connection is between politicians using the radio stations and license fees? Maybe am too stupid to see the connection! Maybe there is no connection at all! Or maybe we are out to punish certain individuals and all the others are part of the collateral damage.

It beats me, it really does, trying to establish this connection!!

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