“Please keep the hose Clear”

There are incidents worldwide of fire exits being blocked with stacks of supplies in work places and entertainment joints alike. Closer to home there have been stories of bakery owners locking up their staff over night so no ingredients are stolen.

This picture shows goods stacked up against a fire hose reel in a popular shop despite there being a sign that clearly reads PLEASE KEEP THE HOSE CLEAR.

Are the incidents we have heard of and seen not enough of a lesson??

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3 Responses

  1. acacia says:

    is that in malawi? name and shame!

  2. Yes it is in the warm heart of Africa. But to protect the ‘very guilty’, I shall not name!!

  3. mlauzi says:


    mwina n’chifukwa choti alemba m’chizungu chidziwitsocho kapena? mwina ku kampaniko kulibe amene amamva chichewa, ndiye alemba m’chizungu. ndiye mwinanso adalemba obwera okhaokha, nawonso osatha chizungu?


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