(Pleasant) Surprises

The last weekend pulled up two surprises

Surprise 1 – Embattled vice president Cassim Chilumpha pulled one when he attended this years Independence Celebrations. During the first lady’s funeral last month, there were plenty calls for renewed unity among politicians in the country. So far it is only Chilumpha who has heeded that that call so far. However he may have a different reason altogether for warming up to government. His very party, UDF, would like to see the back of him by impeaching him and his boss. He has found himself trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea. Talk about being embattled!

Surprise 2 – Another vice president pulled one too. VP and spokesperson of the MCP Nicholas Dausi ditched his party and joined the ‘ruling’ DPP. Now that was a surprise I found very hard to believe. He cited reasons of Section 65 and Bingu’s recognition of Kamuzu as main reasons. I see many more reasons that I will rather keep to myself. Interestingly the MCP is finding Dausi’s departure very hard to swallow. They say his departure is good riddance to waste stuff! Sour grapes perhaps?

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