Misplaced priorities?

Earlier this week a friend of mine asked me to take a picture of the former president’s mausoleum. I sent him the pictures and thought I would send them to a few relatives as well who live outside Malawi. I also mentioned to them that next to the mausoleum, a new parliament building is also coming up much to their disappointment.

“As new parliament for what?” was the question. “Wouldn’t that money have been spent on other things like water harvesting or infrastructure to improve trade of Malawian goods or on building the tourism sector?”. I’ll debate the last point.

For the past seven or so years we have heard many in top government positions urging the country to move away from dependency on tobacco and possibly shift to tourism. Fair. But what has govt done about it? Apart from just talking, nothing really! Instead they have just locked up large amounts of money in a project that will really bring nothing to the Malawian economy. Shame!

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