MBC unethical?

Bakili Muluzi seems to be a man on the brink. I can see a large pile of hair on the floor of his BCA residence, hair he has pulled off of his head. All his ‘hard work’ over the past decade seems to be crumbling before his eyes. Inflation figures don’t seem to have enough zero’s on the end. Roads don’t seem to have enough potholes in them. Politically motivated violence seems to have ceased. People seem to have more than enough to eat. All these are very bad, evil indicators that seem to be causing the old man so much distress that he is now spewing all sorts of half thought out statements, statements very contradictory to what the old man used to say when in power.

Fortunately he is not being help by the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) formerly known as the Muluzi Broadcasting Corporation. The corporation, when under his control, recorded and archived all his public speeches. And boy are there many speeches from many trips he made around the country almost every other day in the last days of his presidency. Today, every time he makes a half thought out statement, MBC goes on to replay a speech from back in the day that is in stark contrast with his present days speech. MBC is also reminding us all how untruthful certain people can be when things just don’t seem to be going their way. MBC are reminding us just how far certain people will bend the truth to try in a desperate attempt to get back into power. MBC is reminding us just how certain people are so blinded by greed they can’t seem to see the message so clearly written for them on the wall.

The other day some people were arguing saying it is unethical for MBC to replay such speeches. Some said it was not after all they were public statements. My take? I say it is totally unethical to take one stand today and then take a totally different the next!

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