Magic number

I went to some computer shop today to buy some RJ45 connectors. After a while, some guy walks in and asks for a catalogue as he would like to buy a couple of things for some project. The sales lady says they do have one but have currently run out. Anyways the sales lady agrees to take him around the showroom.

He: How much is this?’
She: ‘K55,000’
He: ‘and this printer?’
She: ‘K55,000’
He: ‘and this?’
She: ‘K65,000’
He: ‘and this UPS?’
She: ‘K55,000’
He: ‘I also have a laptop that has a virus on it. How much will it cost to get it sorted out? K55,000 I guess since everything in here seems to cost K55,000!’

Rude man!

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