Long time

geez, it’s been a long time and a zillion things have happened.

Had the opportunity to visit Namibia where I went as far as Walvis Bay and stepped into the ice cold South Atlantic Ocean. Then drove another hundred kilometres into the Namib desert and climbed a sand dune. I had my unfair amount of meat and red wine. And wiggled my backside at one or two hot Windhoek joints.

Came back and was immediately dispatched to Salima for some workshop. Was saddened by a beer joint at Senga Bay that is sitting on a goldmine of opportunity but the owner just can’t see it. Had to travel some 25Km to find a decent place to sip some Carlsberg Stout.

Came back exhausted, tried to rest but was quickly disturbed by our friends who visit at night – thieves. Luckily the good Lord protected us, I managed to scare them off and got some assistance to untie my guard who had been bound and tossed away by the thieves.

Life seems to be getting back to normal and we shall see how the year ends.

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  1. cherryl says:

    greetings austin:

    my name is cherryl and i am a journalist from the united states.

    i am trying to find out info about a store that supposedly exists in malawi called “niggers”.

    are you familiar or aware of this store?

    i blog about it here:

    any asisstance you can provide in verifying this store exists is very appreciated.

    this story about the store is causing quite a stir here among Blacks because of the name of the store.

    thanks for any help!

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