Load shedding driving me nuts

For the most part 2007, ESCOM has been load shedding for one reason or another. It’s either they are fixing screens damaged by trash in the Shire river or repairing a turbine that was damaged during flooding in the power station or rehabilitation works or some other excuse.

Frankly speaking, am sick and tired of load shedding. And so are numerous other people. Escom to should get it’s house order and simply provide the power. Why not import power from Mozambique? After all Caborra Basa is under generating.

One other thing that gets me thinking is why people are not thinking of alternate means of sourcing power. There are plenty property developments taking place all over the country and these people are waiting to tap into Escoms power grid, the very same grid that is failing to provide ‘Power All Day, Every Day’ to it’s current clientele.

How about solar? Some people have argued that initial investment in a solar powered system is expensive. I will argue that a K300,000 investment into a house that will cost you K11m to build sounds reasonable, after all there are very few, if any, recurrent monthly costs. Others have argued that during a few days of bad weather the system does not work properly. I will argue that our friends in Europe have longer spells of bad weather yet they have harnessed the solar powered system. How about wind power?

Now am no expert in alternative power sources but I really think we should have embraced these technologies some time back. Escom are a big let down and I don’t see them getting any better.

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