Lets fight this devil called spam

A few days ago a certain gentleman who was resigning from a certain organisation sent out email informing people about his resignation. He sent this email to 254 different email addresses and put all these email addresses under TO:. A few people found it fit to thank this gentleman for the good work he had done. For some reason, they decided to press the REPLY TO ALL button and showered this man with praises. For me that was over the top but I ignored it as on of those things you do when you had a bit too much the previous night.

Today I receive another email from one of the above reply-to-all-trigger-happy people. What was it this time around? A hoax!

Now come on. In the first place, people should learn to take the time to investigate these things. This particular email said there will be two moons on August 27. Guys, firstly there can never be two moons unless of course it’s in your dreams or you had one too many again (as above). Secondly there is no year indicated in the email when these ‘two moons’ will appear. Such omissions are the first signs of a hoax. Secondly exposing so many email addresses can increase the risk of them being harvested by spammers and I hate spam. I detest spam. So firstly you receive spam and then you are at risk of being exposed to further spam. Darn!

It’s time people woke up to the reality that just because you and me were addressed in the same email address does not mean we are buddies and therefore should not send each other silly emails. If you have problems making friends, try going to the bottle stores at Bwandilo and buying a drink for everyone there. You will be sure to make a friend or two. Just repeat the gesture one week later and you will be on the right track!

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