A friend of mine has just asked his girlfriend to marry him and he was asking me the procedure from here on. That question reminded me of the time I asked my girlfriend to marry me.

Normally what would have happened was for me to simply tell an uncle to go an meet her uncle to formalise everything. In this case, my girlfriends uncle asked for a letter! I found it strange but what was this poor boy supposed to do. I pondered over it for a few days. I finally decided to jot a draft. After many drafts and loss of much hair I could barely come up with more than three lines without sounding like I was applying for job. The next headache was what to write this letter on. On A4 paper? How would I put three lines on an A4. If I had one elaborate signature I would have filled the space with it but mine is a very small, miserable one. Should I tear out a leaf from a primary school note book? Where would I find a primary school note book? And would it not look too cheap? At the end of the day I found something and wrote my letter.

Unfortunately this was over eight years ago and I didn’t make a copy of it. I doubt I would be able to get the letter (for framing) because the recipient sadly passed away a couple of years ago. How I wish i kept a colour photocopy!

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