KIA car park permit

Have you ever taken time to look closely at your Kamuzu International Airport parking permit? I do and it is always suspect.

The cashier, on most occasions, makes sure he does not stamp the day in full on the ticket. Why? So that on your way out, the guy at the exit of the park takes it, gives it back to the cashier so he can re-issue it. He can re-issue the ticket for a full 9 days before it becomes useless. Then on the 10th of February, he issues new tickets to be used for another 9 days. Then again on the 20th, the does the same thing. All along he is pocketing a number of K75’s in a day.

Don’t believe me? Next time watch the cashier very closely. He rarely stamps the ticket while you are standing there, he will normally do it while you are walking up to the booth and tears it off before he receives your money. Then the lad at the exit gate simply confiscates your ticket. If you insist on getting it back, he puts a small tear in it.

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  1. Mike says:

    I apologize for sticking this on an unrelated post but I wondered if you might have a thought or two on cell phones. My brother is travelling from the U.S. to live in rural Malawi for the next few years and I understand it is unlikely there will be land lines in the area where he will be. I want to help get him set up with a cellular phone and I’m wondering if it makes sense to get him a phone or a plan here in the US or for him to get everything either in South Africa or Malawi. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Hi Mike,

    If you want to get him a phone, you can but you will find plenty here on sale too! If you do get one, just make sure it’s a GSM 900 or 1800. If you want more information check out or Have a great day.

  3. mikeymckay says:

    Great post! I will definitely watch that guy next time.

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