Kenya violence disturbing, chilling

At the start of the election violence in Kenya, the country’s high commissioner in London played down the incidents and scale of violence in a BBC interview. Three to four weeks later the violence does not only seem to have spread but the ferocity of it all is alarming. Scene’s played on Euronews showing a man being beaten to death is shocking. Similar scenes shown weeks earlier on CNN were equally disturbing. Visuals of youths roaming the streets with knives and pangas are beamed day in, day out. Reports of people being burnt alive in their homes are aired daily. Reports that Raila Odinga attended a prayer meeting two weeks ago where his supporters displayed placards written ‘Give us Guns and we will show them’ were chilling.

In all this mayhem and destruction, Kenya’s leaders seem oblivious to the long term damage these killings are having on the people, the country and the sub-region. Neither Kibaki nor Odinga has come out strongly to reign in their supporters and put an end to this senseless slaughter. We have just heard that an ODM parliamentarian has been shot dead early this morning in Nairobi. The stakes have been raised! The poor man is being used as a pawn in this deadly game of dirty politics!! God save Kenya!!

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