Just tell your story!

I recently attended a social gathering and met up with a friend of mine, lets call him Peter. After a few minutes Peter’s friend came along and joined us. He started talking to Peter about an issue that I was unfamiliar with, some work related issue. Not wanting to interfere in their otherwise private matter I mentally turned off and looked the other way. To my surprise Peter’s friend elbowed me and asked “isn’t that so?”. Before I could ask isn’t what so, he continued with his story and once again elbowed me “sichoncho mdala?”. Dude, I have no idea what you are talking about and even if I did, why do you need me to ‘certify’ every sentence of your story!

You always tend to come across such people once in while who keep interrupting their story with ‘ukundimvetsetsa’ or ‘wamvetsa bwinobwino pamenepo’ or something of that nature. Then occasionally you get someone who is telling an outrageously silly and nonsensical story and everybody refuses to believe him. He then pulls out his cell phone and volunteers to call someone else to ‘certify’ his story. Hey dude, even if you called ten people, I still won’t believe your story in a hundred years. Give us a break and just tell your story. I’ll be the judge of whether it’s a real story or just one of those tales told at a gathering of herd boys besides the night time bon fire!

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