Jack up TVM

This month I have had the great misfortune of having my DStv service disconnected and it is no fault of Multichoice. As such I was forced to watch some local TV. I must say that I was pleasantly impressed by two adverts, one a TNM one and another by Daily Times. They were refreshing and different. I am more than certain they were not cooked up in a TVM studio! There were one or two other usual ad’s, very easy to forget.

I was however dismayed with the news. The content was propaganda. The news interviews a disgrace. The same old tricks from the times of Brown Mpinganjira.

When will TVM realise we want to watch news and not a group of people bashing the speaker on an issue the group itself seemed clueless about? We want issues and not footage of people masquerading as political defectors. It’s time TVM jacked up!

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