Jack Up TVM – Part 2

I am not too sure if Parliaments allocation of K1 to TVM for financial year 2007-2008 has already started affecting operations because it would seem there is no editor at the station.

Last Saturday morning I was watching sports while waiting to see a doctor at a local clinic. The presenter gave us a list of English Premiership games to be played on the day or weekend and it looked something like this

Man U vs Weagan (Wigan perhaps?)
New Castle Vs ……. (I am certain it’s Newcastle)
Bermingham vs …….. (the last time i checked it was Birmingham)

am sure if I could pause it I would have picked up more errors.

Then last night they spelt veteran politician Rose Chibambo’s name as Chiwambo. Any editor worth his or her salt would know that is incorrect.

We have seen many errors in the past on our lovely tv station but I thought it was now a thing of the past. I have heard rumours recently that TVM has gone satellite and can be caught in most parts of southern Africa. Am not sure we would want to show the ‘world’ that we can’t spell properly.

Jack up guys, please!

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