Ill Health

Most times in the press you hear of petty thieves pleading for mercy in court rooms because of ill health on their part which most times are rejected by magistrates and judges. They are simply told that if they knew of their predicament, they would not have pick pocketed old women.

However, I have noticed that their is a certain breed of petty thieves, those who prey on the poor while holding high offices who seem to get away with this argument. The most recent case in question is that of the former president next door in Zambia. He has asked the state not to prosecute him until a panel of doctors determines if he is fit to stand trial. How fit do you have to be to stand trial? In the first case why do you have to be fit? So many other petty thieves, who plundered on a much smaller scale, don’t get accorded that luxury. So why them?

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