Hasn’t Bakili been charged yet?

Last week former president Bakili Muluzi walked into Metro shop in Blantyre are left a blank cheque for ‘shoppers’ to pick anything they wanted and he would foot the bill. Normally where there is free stuff there is also pandemonium and many fixtures in the shop got damaged. Apparently some people had already gotten word that Muluzi would allow people to shop for free. A day later a K21 million bill stunned Muluzi and he demanded a stock take be carried out to determine the real cost.

All this caused losses for Metro and inconvenience for genuine shoppers. If Muluzi’s intention was indeed genuine and sincere, he would have bought essentials and donated it to the needy and orphaned and buy things for ably bodied young democrats who most likely cleaned the alcohol shelves before they even thought of picking daily essentials. Instead he ‘helps’ the needy by taking single items of commodities like soap and cooking oil to campaign meetings, ridicules the government over high prices and donates those four or five items to people at the meeting. How cheeky!

My main concern is that this man has not been charged yet. We hear of cases where men were fighting over a woman and they have been arrested for conduct likely to cause a breach of peace. But here is a man whose actions threatened the lives of employees and genuine shoppers (Charge: Conduct likely to cause breach of peace), whose actions caused damage to property (Charge: Causing malicious damage to property), whose actions lead to financial losses as a result of refusing to pay a bill (Charge: Obtaining goods under false pretense). Hey, am sure our creative prosecutors can come up with many other flowery charges. He should also be sued for loss of business while Metro carried out an unscheduled stock take. Am sure any sensible shop owner is now contemplating obtaining a restraining order on this person. I would not want him anywhere near my shop!

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  1. Now, compare Bakili’s behaviour with that of Tobacco farmers under your post “Financial Management.” When people whose character ought to be conscience of society behave this way, then we know we have a huge problem.

    The spirit of free-for-all without regulation kills the economy. In the aftermath of the whole saga, it is Metro whose image has suffered for issuing an incorrect bill when infact it is the customer who caused all the mess.

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