It’s been a while since I posted anything. The usual excuse – I have been tied up. But a lot has happened.

Take for example the ‘new’ Likuni Road in Lilongwe. The men have been working on the road for the past so-many months, I can’t even recall when they started. All I can say is they are doing a not-so-good job at snails pace. Then they have the tendency to get really busy during rush hour and are no where to be seen after hours or on weekends. Then they have no warnings signs that illuminate in the dark, just a couple of stones that you are sure to bump into. What’s wrong with them? Mutandifunsirako!

Then the news I have been waiting for for the past two years – that Bingu is ready to work with Bakili!! It did not take me long to realise that government can’t run effectively with daggers constantly drawn. I wonder why it took them two years to realise that. Lets hope this is a start of a new beginning.

Then Madonna who traveled miles to cook up a storm in sleepy Malawi. I have not given this issue much thought, it would give me a headache. But I have looked (not thought) at it from a couple of angles. People have argued that baby David Banda will miss out on his culture. Rubbish!! All I have to do is walk down the road, pull a teenager aside and ask him about culture and he will be clueless. And ask where he has spent all his life!! Then there is the argument about bending the law for Madonna. Are those not benefits of being a celebrity or politician?? Then the issue that David has a father. Why didn’t she adopt a real orphan indeed? There are so many issues you really want to leave it to those people make their bread and butter by issuing press statements and who follow celebrity lifestyles.

As for me, my real issues are drawing up strategies on how to kill as many mosquitoes tonight and how I can walk from my house to my car without the Lilongwe dust messing up my nicely polished shoes.

Have a wonderful week!!

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