Four Reasons to fire Bakili Muluzi

All seems calm and quiet in the UDF and it comes as no surprise if history is anything to go by. Bakili Muluzi has always had the last say in the party and each time has gotten away with it. But it is time for the real owners of the party (if they are any) to stand up and claim back what is rightfully theirs – their party! There are more reasons than one now than at any other time to fire Muluzi and get the party back on it’s feet.

Reason 1. There has never been a time where UDF has faced such uncertainty before in it’s history and especially with only two months before a general election. This uncertainty has been caused by the greed of one Bakili Muluzi who wants to stand again for the presidency, a post he already served twice. And why does he think he is the only suitable presidential candidate? See reason 2 below.

Reason 2. Muluzi has failed to nurture a leader to succeed him. The job of a leader is not only to lead but to produce other leaders. We are not indispensable and sooner rather than later we need replacements. Muluzi has failed miserably in this area.

Reason 3: Muluzi continues to cause uncertainty in the party but pursuing a court case against the Malawi Electoral Commission while at the same time engaging himself in alliance talks with Malawi Congress Party. He is clearly showing the party he feels no one is fit enough to run the affairs of the party or government other than himself. The ‘madeya’ issue at play here? Maybe.

Reason 4: By pursuing alliance talks with Malawi Congress Party, Muluzi is effectively securing himself the post of UDF presidential candidate come 2014.

Now someone tell me the UDF faithful have no reason to fire it’s leader and all reason to rally behind him!

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